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A Welcome Note from Our Spiritual Director: 

Reverend Kimberly Hawkins

Dear Guest,


Welcome to the Centers for Spiritual Living. If you are looking for a positive brand of spirituality, an upbeat and inspiring Sunday celebration, empowering classes to enrich your personal path to God, and a community committed to seeing the spiritual magnificence in each person, then Center for Spiritual Living Rogue Valley might just be the spiritual home for which you’ve been searching.


When I first discovered Centers of Spiritual Living (called Church of Religious Science at the time), I found the Sunday message and music so positive and uplifting, I was frequently moved to tears throughout the service. Having previously explored several different faith traditions, including Unity, another New Thought denomination, I felt as if I had finally “come home.”  I eagerly took all the accredited classes New Vision Center in Scottsdale, Arizona offered and began to experience more faith, peace and happiness in my life than ever before.  Continuing my studies, I became a licensed prayer practitioner in 2006, and graduated from ministerial school in 2013.  Ever since following my call to ministry I have felt “on fire” and “on purpose.” 

Our Science of Mind Philosophy teaches that we are all individual expressions of the Divine. Our classes and workshops are designed to empower each person to live from the truth of their spiritual magnificence.  Because of our teaching, I have been blessed to experience the joy and freedom of releasing old limiting beliefs to live more fully each day my life’s purpose. And perhaps an even greater blessing has been the privilege and honor of assisting others on their own spiritual path, witnessing their spiritual growth and transformation.  It is a joy to be the spiritual leader of a community where we support and help empower each person on their personal journey of awakening. 

 No matter where you may be on your own spiritual journey, I invite you to come join us for our 10:30 a.m. Live Streaming Sunday Celebration on our Facebook page, Center for Spiritual Living Rogue Valley, or on YouTube under the same name. We are an open and affirming spiritual community and would love to welcome and support you in deepening your walk with the Divine.  

With love and blessings,

Rev. Kimberly

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