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Come and hear Jesse Powers sing at a private house concert

in Ashland at the home of Rev. Linda Reppond

On Sunday October 15, 2023 from 4 – 6pm

Tickets cost $20.00 (includes a glass of wine and light snacks).

Space is limited. 

Get your ticket NOW!

Go to:

 Click on DONATE/PAY. Go to “Events”. Enter $20 and then “Jesse Powers”.

Tickets are also available on Sundays at CSL RV after service.


Jesse Powers is a self-proclaimed “Joy Reminder-er” and conscious indie pop musician in

Columbus, OH. With her tumbling vocal stylings, powerhouse melodies, and infectious energy,

Jesse Powers seeks to awaken and entertain those who listen. Her poignant and playful lyricism

set atop catchy melodies create a musical skydiving experience—a long lyrical jump into the depths of

the human heart softened by a parachute of body-moving instrumentation. Wasting no time, her

penetrating and positive songs fly straight to the body and soul.

Jesse Powers Pic_edited_edited.jpg
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